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TUGboat 3:1, March 1982

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Addresses of officers, authors and others   2 
Official announcements   3 
General Delivery
Statement of editorial policy 
  Barbara Beeton 
General Delivery   3-6 
Report on the January 1982 TUG Steering Committee meeting 
  Robert Morris 
Program, TUG Winter meeting, January 11–12, 1982, Cincinnati, Ohio   5 
Attendees, TUG Winter meeting, January 11–12, 1982, Cincinnati, Ohio   6 
Open letter to TUG 
  Robert McGaffey, Keith Penny 
Report on the ANSI X3J6 meeting 
  Lynne Price 
Fixed-point glue setting—an example of WEB 
  Donald Knuth 
Site Reports
  Michael Frisch 
HP3000 site report 
  Lance Carnes 
Site Reports   28-32 
TeX at the University of Milan 
  G. Canzii, D. Lucarella, A. Pilenga 
TeX news from Pisa 
  L. Aiello, S. Pavan 
VAX/VMS site report 
  Monte Nichols 
“small” TeX
Editor's introduction 
  Lance Carnes 
Warnings & Limitations
Another hangup 
  Barbara Beeton 
TUGboat macro index   33-35 
Editor's introduction 
  Lynne Price 
Display of a font in table form 
  Roger L. Beeman 
Seating charts 
  Roger L. Beeman 
Problems from the TeXarcana class: Answer to the challenge problem   43-44 
Late-Breaking News
TUG 1981 Treasurer's report   45-46 
TUG financial reports 
  Samuel B. Whidden 
TUG 1982 Budget   46-47 
Instructions for submitting TUGboat articles on magnetic tape 
Membership application and order form 
TeX and Metafont Errata 
TUG membership list 

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