TUG Membership Information

For all renewing and institutional members: renew or join with the regular membership form.

For those brand-new to TUG: join as a new member with the simplified trial membership form.

Paper mail: If you wish to pay by check or money order or otherwise prefer it, you can alternatively print the membership form (letter-size PDF, A4 PDF) and follow the instructions there for mailing.

Joint membership: Other TeX user groups worldwide have mutual agreements with TUG whereby you can receive a discount for joining both user groups. To do this, please join via their respective membership pages and select the option for joint membership: DANTE (German), DK-TUG (Danish), GuIT (Italian), GUT (French), NTG (Dutch). We welcome making joint membership arrangements with other user groups; contact us if you are interested.

Making a donation instead of joining as a member is also very welcome, if that's your preference.

TUG membership dues

All TUG memberships are for the calendar year; you get the same benefits whether you join on January 1, December 31, or any time in between. It is also possible to get the physical benefits from previous years (TUGboat, DVDs) separately. All amounts are in US dollars (approximate currency conversions).

Automatic renewals: you can choose to automatically renew your TUG membership for future years, thus saving TUG some overhead and you some time. Please consider choosing this option on the membership form. Of course you can cancel the autorenewal at any time by contacting the TUG office.

Electronic membership discount: you can choose to omit delivery of the physical TUGboat and software benefits; they are available electronically. Since this saves TUG some expense, we pass on that savings with a reduction to the membership fee.

Tax deduction: membership dues less value of benefits received are generally tax-deductible, at least in the USA. We have calculated the value of benefits to be $45 for 2024, or $15 if you select the electronic discount option. Thus, for example, $50 of the $95 early bird membership dues (or $50 of the $65, if electronic) is tax-deductible in the US. Alternatively, the entire dues may be deductible as an employee or small business expense, depending on your situation. More info on tax status.

TUG membership benefits

Joining TUG helps to support and promote the use of TeX, LaTeX, ConTeXt, Metafont, MetaPost, and related systems worldwide.

Major tangible benefits include TUGboat and the TeX Collection software, described further below. In addition, TUG members vote in TUG elections, and receive discounts on meeting fees, software licenses (including the Lucida fonts), etc. More info on TUG's aims and membership benefits.

If you'd like to support TUG without becoming a member, making a donation is always greatly appreciated. Also, anyone can order software, older issues of TUGboat, and TeX memorabilia through the TUG store (members get a discount).

TUGboat: The Communications of the TeX Users Group

All members receive the TUGboat journal, a benefit unique to joining TUG. It is currently published on paper three times a year and distributed to all TUG members for that year. All issues are also available to TUG members electronically.

The TUGboat editors welcome your input. For article proposals, advertising rates, and any comments or suggestions, please see the TUGboat web pages.

The TeX Collection: Major software distributions

Please see our separate page on the TeX Collection for information about the software distributions.

Problems or questions?

If you have any questions or difficulties submitting this form, please contact the TUG office by email or via paper mail, phone, or fax. Thanks.

Privacy: TUG uses your personal information only to mail you products, publications, notices, and (for voting members) official ballots. TUG does not sell or otherwise provide its membership list to anyone. The tug.org web site does not use any cookies, except those required for membership login (created by HTTP Basic Auth).

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