TeX Collection DVD

As of 2024, TUG will no longer distribute the TeX Collection DVD as a membership benefit. Our experience is that nowadays the vast majority of members have sufficient bandwidth to access downloads. Therefore producing the DVD as a large bulk mailing doesn't seem the best use of TUG's limited resources. (We have no information about other user groups at this writing; they will make their own decisions in due time.)

We expect the two main images, TeX Live and MiKTeX, to still be available, so DVDs can still be burned on an individual basis. TUG is hosting a new mailing list texdvd@tug.org for discussion and requests about this. The following process will likely evolve as we gain experience. We post it now so providers and requestors can consider, send comments, etc.

Meanwhile, the information below relates to the 2023 DVD, the last one that was sent to all (non-electronic) TUG members.

The TeX Collection is the name for the overall collection of software distributed by the TeX user groups each year. Please consider joining TUG (or the user group best for you) or making a donation to support the effort. You can also order the DVD from TUG.

The TeX Collection DVD for 2023 was released in April 2023, although not mailed until August, due to manufacturing delays. The various components are also available over the Internet via the links below. It contains the same basic components as in previous years:

The TeX Collection DVD contains all of the above software.

All of these projects are done by volunteers. If you'd like to help with development, testing, documentation, etc., please visit the project pages above for more information on how to contribute.

Releases from previous years are available for historical purposes.

The TeX Collection is a massive effort. Thanks to the hundreds of people involved, from all parts of the TeX world: the contributors uploading new packages to CTAN, the CTAN maintainers for providing a central repository to draw from, the people building the binaries on a wide variety of platforms, those helping test the results, the developers supporting the software upon which it all rests, the user group members keeping the infrastructure provided by TUG and all the TeX user groups viable by their support, and Donald Knuth for starting it all.

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