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Practical TeX 2005 Proceedings (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

This issue combines regular articles and other material with the Practical TeX 2005 conference proceedings.

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Title page   
General Delivery
From the president 
  Karl Berry      [Introductory — TUG activities and information for 2005]
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — typography and TUGboat news]
    Old  TUGboat issues go electronic;     CTAN announcement archives;     Another LaTeX manual—for word processor users;     Create your own alphabet;     Type design exhibition “Letras Latinas”;     The cost of a bad proofreader;     Looking at the same text in different ways;     CSS on the web;     Some comments on mathematical typesetting
Hyphenation exception log 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — update to missed and incorrect U.S. English hyphenations]
Stacks in TeX 
  Pedro Quaresma      [Advanced — stacks, for package writers, and commutative diagrams]
Kissing circles: A French romance in MetaPost 
  Denis Roegel      [Advanced — MetaPost construction of the “Apollonian gasket” of tangent circles]
Software & Tools
Using the RPM package manager for (La)TeX packages 
  Tristan Miller      [Intermediate Plus — using and building RPM packages for TeX]
Practical TeX 2005
Conference program, delegates, and sponsors   29 
Impressions of PracTeX'05 
  Peter Flom, Tristan Miller      [Introductory — comments on the conference from attendees]
The design of TeX and Metafont: A retrospective 
  Nelson Beebe      [Advanced — historical review of the TeX system software design and development]
A LaTeX fledgling struggles to take flight 
  Peter Flom      [Introductory — incentives and barriers to learning LaTeX]
The art of LaTeX problem solving 
  Anita Schwartz      [Introductory — summary of strategies and resources for debugging LaTeX]
Strategies for including graphics in LaTeX documents 
  Klaus Höppner      [Introductory — introduction to common graphics formats and tools]
Making a booklet 
  Joseph Hogg      [Introductory — notes on useful packages and processes for booklet production]
LaTeX on the Web 
  Peter Flynn      [Introductory — review of LaTeX interactions with the Web]
Beamer by example 
  Andrew Mertz, William Slough      [Introductory — producing slide presentations via a series of examples]
Batch Commander: A graphical user interface for TeX 
  Kaveh Bazargan      [Intermediate — interactive parameter setting and instant feedback]
Word to LaTeX for a large, multi-author scientific paper 
  David Ignat      [Intermediate — conversion from Word and Perl manipulation of references]
Biblet: A portable BibTeX bibliography style for generating highly customizable XHTML 
  Tristan Miller      [Intermediate Plus — making Web pages from bibliographies in pure BibTeX]
Prac'TeX 2005 abstracts 
  David Allen, John Burt, Ron Fehd, Eitan Gurari, Mirko Janc, Jonathan Kew, Steve Peter 
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TUG Business
Institutional members   104 
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Silmaril Consultants   101 
Joe Hogg   101 
Carleton Production Centre   101 
Personal TeX, Inc.   102 
River Valley Technologies   102 
Design Science, Inc.   102 
The LaTeX Companion, second edition, by Frank Mittelbach et al.   102 
Steve Peter   103 
Cheryl Ponchin Training   103 
MacKichan Software, Inc.   103 

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