Practical TeX 2005 - Program & Participants

Following is the program for the conference and the list of participants to date.

You can register online for the conference. Hotel information is available on the registration page. Please email us if you have any questions or comments.

Tuesday, June 14

9am-4:30pm Classes (more info):
  • Peter Flynn, Practical TeX on the web
  • Steve Peter, Introduction to ConTeXt
  • Cheryl Ponchin, Beginning and Intermediate LaTeX

Wednesday, June 15

9amKarl Berry Opening
9:15amNelson Beebe keynote address: The design of TeX and Metafont: A retrospective
10:30amPeter Flom A true beginner looks at LaTeX
11amAnita Schwartz The art of LaTeX problem solving
11:45amPeter Flynn LaTeX on the web
1:30pmDavid Ignat Word to LaTeX for a large, multi-author scientific paper
2pmRonald Fehd Indexing, MakeIndex, and SAS
2:30pmSteve Grathwohl ConTeXt: Better living through setups
3:15pmAndrew Mertz,
William Slough
Beamer by example
4pmq&a moderator: Lance Carnes

Thursday, June 16

9amEitan Gurari MathML via TeX4ht and other tools
9:45amJohn Burt Typesetting critical editions of poetry with poemscol
10:45amJoseph Hogg TeX takes a walk on the green side
11:30amKlaus Höppner Strategies for including graphics in LaTeX documents
1:30pmTristan Miller HA-Prosper: Producing beautiful slides with LaTeX
2:15pmDavid Allen Dynamic presentations using TeXpower and PStricks
3:15pmJonathan Kew XeTeX
4pmq&a moderator: Anita Schwartz
4:30pmTUG members meeting

Friday, June 17

9amTristan Miller Biblet: A portable BibTeX bibliography style for generating highly customizable XHTML
9:45amVolker R.W. Schaa XML workflows and the EuroTeX 2005 proceedings
10:45amHans Hagen TeX and XML
11:30amSteve Peter TeX font installation and usage
1:30pmMirko Janc LaTeX and PitStop: Unusual but powerful alliance
2:15pmKaveh Bazargan A graphical user interface for TeX
3:15pm panel:
Digital Publishing
moderator: Steve Grathwohl; Kaveh Bazargan, Nelson Beebe, Lance Carnes, Peter Flynn, Hans Hagen, Mirko Janc.


This list of participants will be updated as registrations are received.

  1. David Allen, University of Kentucky
  2. Tim Arnold, SAS
  3. Kapila Attele, Chicago State University
  4. Kaveh Bazargan, River Valley Technologies
  5. Nelson Beebe, University of Utah
  6. Karl Berry, TeX Users Group
  7. John Burt, Brandeis University
  8. Lance Carnes, Personal TeX Inc.
  9. Sharon Collins, Georgia State University
  10. Rialine Cruywagen, Unisa, South Africa
  11. Em Van Deventer, Unisa, South Africa
  12. Trinette Jeanne Evert, Unisa, South Africa
  13. Ronald Fehd, Centers for Disease Control, and Prevention
  14. Frances Felluca, INFORMS
  15. Peter Flom, National Development and Research Institutes
  16. Peter Flynn, Silmaril Consultants
  17. August Gering, Duke University Press
  18. Steve Grathwohl, Duke University Press
  19. Eitan Gurari, Ohio State University
  20. Hans Hagen, Pragma ADE, NTG
  21. Joseph Hogg, Los Angeles, CA
  22. Lezlie Holbrook, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  23. Klaus Höppner, DANTE e.V. & TUG
  24. David Ignat, International Atomic Energy Agency
  25. Calvin Jackson, Caltech
  26. Mirko Janc, INFORMS
  27. Jonathan Kew, SIL International
  28. Richard Koch, University of Oregon
  29. Martha Kummerer, University of Notre Dame
  30. Robin Laakso, TeX Users Group
  31. Jenny Levine, Duke University Press
  32. Barbara Mastrian, Rutgers University
  33. Wendy McKay, Caltech
  34. Marisa Meredith, University of North Carolina
  35. Andrew Mertz, Eastern Illinois University
  36. Tristan Miller, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
  37. Jaime Moore, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  38. Stephen Moye, American Mathematical Society
  39. Liz Pennington, University of North Carolina
  40. Steve Peter, Beech Stave Press
  41. Cheryl Ponchin, Center for Communications Research, Princeton, NJ
  42. John Rorem, Duke University Press
  43. Volker R.W. Schaa, DANTE e.V.
  44. Anita Schwartz, University of Delaware
  45. Heidi Sestrich, Carnegie-Mellon University
  46. William Slough, Eastern Illinois University
  47. Alistair Smith, Sunrise Setting Ltd
  48. Terri Spence, Duke University Press
  49. Chris Swanepoel, Unisa, South Africa
  50. Lee Trimble, University of North Carolina
  51. Gary Tucker, Averett University

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