TUG donors, supporters, contributors

First, thanks to all the people, starting with Donald Knuth, who have worked in the TeX world. And thanks to all the TUG individual and institutional members, past, present, and future, without whom TUG would not exist. Thanks to all the TUG volunteers who have worked on the board, at conferences, producing journals, and all the other myriad activities undertaken on TUG's behalf.

Also, thanks to all the individuals and institutions listed below who have donated to TUG. And to those who have purchased software, journals, fonts, and other assorted items from the TUG store, and purchased books through the TUG bookstore.

Finally, thanks to all TeX users, without whom there would be no reason to keep going.

These lists are updated approximately quarterly. For corrections or suggestions, please email office-admin@tug.org.

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