Help and Further Information

Solving Problems

For problems downloading the software, see:

Downloading Issues.

Other common problems are described in:

Mac-specific Complications.

For more general help, see:

Getting Help.

For answers to frequently asked questions, see:

Frequently Asked Questions.

For help with fonts and other matters:

About Shell Escape and Installing Fonts.

Features of MacTeX

For a brief description of MacTeX and MacTeXtras, see:

MacTeX and MacTeXtures.

Our policy on which versions of macOS to support is described in:

Policy on Supported Systems.

A complete description of what is installed is given in:

What's in the MacTeX package.

An explanation on how to uninstall MacTeX is provided by:


Our support for multiple TeX distributions on the same computer is described in:

Multiple TeX Distributions.

For information about the TeX Live Utility program installed by MacTeX, see:

TeX Live Utility.

The spell checker cocoAspell understands TeX commands and does not mark them as misspelled. For information, see:

cocoAspell project.

For changes in the 2023 version of the software, see:

New Features in MacTeX-2023 and TeX Live 2023.

Learning About TeX and LaTeX

To get started with TeX, read:

Just what is TeX?

For initial steps using TeX and LaTeX, see:

Trying out TeX.

MacTeX installs the same TeX Live system used on Windows, Linux, and Unix machines, so standard sources of help for TeX and LaTeX apply without change to MacTeX. In particular, users should consult the main TeX Live web pages for vast amounts of information; clicking on the icon at top right of this page takes you to the TL site. In addition, Google has indexed many TeX and LaTeX pages, so asking a cogent question in your browser's search field usually leads to an immediate answer.

Happy TeXing on macOS !