Major (La)TeX Applications

This page has a list of some notable (La)TeX applications and packages. The application maintainers themselves are responsible for the content, as noted below.

See also our Getting started with TeX page for introductions, and TeX Resources on the Web for a long list of (La)TeX-related links.


edmac, by John Lavagnino and Dominik Wujastyk, is a set of plain TeX macros for formatting critical editions.


fontinst (by Alan Jeffrey and contributors) is a utility for font installation, implemented in TeX. Its primary purpose is to simply the installation of PostScript or TrueType font families for use with (La)TeX, but it may be also be used to generate special-effect fonts or to implement prototypes of new (math) font encodings. These web pages are maintained by Ulrik Vieth.


pdfTeX, principally written by Hàn Thế Thành, is a TeX variant that can generate PDF output directly as well as DVI.


PSTricks (originally by Timothy van Zandt, now maintained by Herbert Vosß) is a bundle of (La)TeX packages which allow to use the major part of PostScript capabilities inside (La)TeX.


TeX4ht, originally by Eitan M. Gurari, is a highly configurable system for converting TeX-based documents (LaTeX, TeX, AMSTeX, etc.) to HTML, XML, etc.


TeXworks, originally written by Jonathan Kew, is a cross-platform front-end modeled on TeXShop, intended to lower the entry barrier to the TeX world.


XeTeX, by Jonathan Kew, is a TeX engine with native Unicode and OpenType support. It produces PDF.


Xy-pic, by Kristoffer Rose and Ross Moore, is a package for typesetting a variety of graphs and diagrams with TeX. It works with most formats (including LaTeX, AMS-LaTeX, AMS-TeX, and plain TeX), and it is provided as a LaTeX `package'.

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