Editorial Wish List

This "wish list" was first published in TUGboat 14(4), December 1993, and you may click here for the complete article. You, the readers, probably have some suggestions too and you might also consider becoming an author or volunteering in some other way. Send in your suggestions, or declare your intentions, in a message to TUGboat@tug.org.

Looking for Authors

These are some of the topics on which the editor is looking for authors. Add your own suggestions or volunteer! Send e-mail to TUGboat@tug.org with details.

Reminder to potential TUGboat authors

We always welcome submissions to TUGboat. They can be on any topic related to TeX and its use. The net spreads rather broadly—typography, HTML, fonts, hardware, …, you name it! There are a few things that a potential author should keep in mind:

A brief comment on the level to which articles might be directed: contrary to popular opinion, the desired level is not "by some great expert, for the edification of other great experts" [Anna Russell, in her analysis of Wagner's Ring der Nibelungen]. I continue to hope for good introductory and elementary material, though no one seems to want to write it, at least not for TUGboat. I'd like to be proven wrong! Remember -- it isn't possible to publish something in TUGboat that hasn't been written or submitted.

Call for Volunteers

As always, there are more tasks in producing TUGboat than can be done by just one person. Many, many thanks to all those people who have been working faithfully behind the scenes. Some of the positions where skilled new volunteers might be of assistance are these:

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